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20. august 2013 at 17:43 | LenuShQa
Ashley na Twittri odpovedala fanúšiokm na zopár otázok. A vy si ich môžete pozrieť už nižšie. Ešte neisu preložené ale neskôr to preložím a pridám to sem.
  • Im just chillin watching Olympus Has Fallen, and thought why not answer some questions from the fans? ready guys, GO!!

@ashleytisdale your favorite band?
  • annie automatic!
@ashleytisdale blue or pink?
  • pink!!!
@ashleytisdale most embarrassing moment on set?
  • when i fell on my back right before i did a scene for Suite Life, it hurt mostly but was embarassing bc the whole audience saw
@ashleytisdale What we Tizzies mean to you, Ashley? cause to us, you mean the WORLD! I love you!!! brazilian fan! 78
  • you guys mean everything to me!

@ashleytisdale favorite paramore song??? btw cant wait to hear your new music <3 love you
  • still into you

@ashleytisdale What is the first thing that you think when you wake up?
  • i need coffee
cats or dogs?
  • dogs!!
@ashleytisdale fave Taylor swift song ? (:
  • theres too many but "fearless" is one of them
@ashleytisdale chocolate or fruit?
  • chocolate! yum
@ashleytisdale How was it to be on "soa"? I thought it was great
  • thanks!! it was awesome since im a big fan of the show
Will you ever in this life act in more MATURE MOVIES ? #askashley
  • what kind of movies r u talking about lol. and yes when its the right one.
@ashleytisdale congrats on your engagement <3
  • thank you!!!
@ashleytisdale what do you think when go back and watch Donnie Darko knowing you starred with Jake Gyllenhaal before he was a big name?
  • i just remember him being a really nice guy and hes super talented. i knew he was gonna do a lot more movies
@ashleytisdale what do you think of Hilary duff life right now and would u like to work with her someday
  • love that girl, shes one of the sweetest girls i kno and has such a cute family. why not!
inner circle was sick - would you ever consider a constant reality show - your life seem so fun! Or were the cameras too odd
  • that was fun for the day but im def not comfortable with cameras in my personal life so ill stick to producing reality shows
what's your life motto?
  • never quit ;)
@ashleytisdale why you quit Left Behind??
  • I didnt, the new schedule conflicted with some stuff. If they had filmed when originally planned i would have gotten to do it.
i read that you're inspired to start making music again, is that true? i love you :) @ashleytisdale
  • yes def, and i have been recording :)
@ashleytisdale have you visited Costa Rica?
  • never been but def want 2
@ashleytisdale Favorite food?
  • sushi!
@ashleytisdale What is your current favorite tv show? #askashley
  • breaking bad!! so good!
@ashleytisdale fav song?
  • im loving avril lavignes new song rock and roll!

  • alright guys thats all i can do today, sorry i couldnt answer every single one but i did see all of them.thanks for all the support love you

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1 Megan ♥ Megan ♥ | Email | Web | 21. august 2013 at 16:54 | React

Fanúšikovia kládky naozaj zaujímavé otázky. :-)

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